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General information

APOLLON HOTEL through the website, provides the user/visitor of the website the opportunity to be informed about the APOLLON HOTEL and its services. The user/visitor must carefully read the following Terms of Use of the Website. The user/visitor navigation on the website implies the unconditional acceptance of the terms of use of this website, which apply to all content.
Therefore, the user/visitor must read these terms carefully before use and if he/she does not agree, he/she should not use the content. The terms of use may change when necessary, so the user/visitor is requested to check the content of the website for possible changes. The continuation of the use even after any changes in the terms of use, means the unconditional acceptance of these terms by the user/visitor.


The entire content of the website, including (indicative but not restrictive) names and titles, trademarks, texts, images, graphics and layouts, services, programs, data, software, news, articles and information material of any kind are exclusive copyright of the APOLLON HOTEL and are protected by national and international copyright provisions, with the exception of protected third party rights.
It is expressly stated that the total or partial copying, sale, exploitation, modification, publication, transmission, execution, publication, uploading, transfer, reproduction, distribution, presentation or otherwise use of the content of the website, in any way or means, for commercial or other purposes, is prohibited without the prior written permission of APOLLON HOTEL.
All other trademarks, insignia and copyrights of third parties, which may appear on the website, are protected under the responsibility of their rightful owners.

User/visitor Behavior

The user/visitor has the obligation to use the website exclusively for legal purposes. The user/visitor must refrain from any illegal and abusive behavior during the use of the website and in relation to it, as well as from the adoption of unfair competition practices or other practices that are contrary to the law and that may cause consequences or harm to other visitors. or malfunction on the website and consequently in the APOLLON HOTEL. It is strictly forbidden to store, reproduce, republish, transmit or distribute:
a) any part of the content of the website for commercial purposes or for any other use, which does not fall under the above paragraph and b) registered trademarks, as well as trademarks of collaborating bodies, which appear on the website

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

APOLLON HOTEL through the website makes every effort to ensure that all content and information displayed on it are characterized by accuracy, clarity, correctness, completeness, timeliness and availability. However, it is the sole responsibility of the user/visitor to use, evaluate and utilize the information provided by the website. APOLLON HOTEL informs you that it does not guarantee and therefore is not responsible in any case, including this negligence, for any damage caused to the user/visitor due to the use of the website and information contained therein. Also, it does not bear any responsibility for the restoration of any damage (which may indicatively consist of loss of profits, data, etc.) and financial satisfaction of users/visitors of the website or third parties, due to the operation or not and / or the use of the website and / or any inability to provide information provided by it and / or any unauthorized interference by third parties with information available through it. Furthermore, it is not responsible for any technical problems that may occur when accessing the website and during it and are related to the operation or compatibility of the user/visitor infrastructure with website use.

Exclusion of Suggestion - Advices

The information provided to users / visitors on the website, does not constitute and cannot be considered in any case, directly or indirectly, encouragement, instruction, advice or prompt for any act or omission, on the contrary, it is at the discretion of the users after personal evaluation to act according to their own will, excluding any liability of the APOLLON HOTEL.

Security and website operation

Access to the website is provided exclusively at the initiative of the user/visitor, who is solely responsible for having the necessary equipment, software, telecommunications equipment and any service necessary to access the website. Also, the user/visitor is responsible for protecting his system from viruses and other malicious software. APOLLON HOTEL has taken, as far as possible, all the necessary measures, including the upgrade of the protection systems and the use of antivirus programs, in order to ensure a high level of security and protection of the website from viruses and other malicious software. Also, the APOLLON HOTEL controls with security systems the access to the websites to prevent attacks and other unauthorized actions. Nevertheless, APOLLON HOTEL does not warrant that the content of the website is free of viruses or other harmful elements and is not responsible for any damage caused to the above equipment of the user, its software or files, due to either use / copying / loading or alteration or infection with viruses or other unauthorized interventions of third parties in files and information available through the website, as well as for any damage that the user/visitor may suffer from the above causes.

Links to other websites

APOLLON HOTEL does not control the availability, the content, the privacy policy, the quality and completeness of the services of other websites to which it may refer through "links" (hyperlinks). The links are made solely for the convenience of the users of the website, while the websites to which they refer are subject to the respective terms of use of these websites. The placement of the links is not an indication of approval or acceptance of the content of the respective websites while the APOLLON HOTEL is not responsible for their content and any damage arising from their use, as the user/visitor has access to them with his own responsibility.

Content submitted by users/visitors

APOLLON HOTEL through its website gives users the option to publish their own content, when submitting requests (where provided), or when the communicating of any kind. However, the APOLLON HOTEL reserves the right to control this content and to prevent the publication of material that is illegal, threatening, defamatory, offensive, obscene, scandalous, extortionate, or any other that could be considered illegal, or otherwise liable. violates the law. In the event that content as above comes to the notice of APOLLON HOTEL, then it reserves the right to remove it and not publish it, without notice or any other wording. Users for their part recognize the right of the APOLLON HOTEL to check and approve the material they submit before it is published on the website. APOLLON HOTEL has the right (but not the obligation) to control, approve, reject or delete content submitted by users on the website and these decisions are subject to no re-inspection process. Also, APOLLON HOTEL reserves the right to delete or refuse the publication of content that infringes the rights of use, trademarks, trademarks or any other copyright (natural or legal) persons as well as material that infringes personal data. Every user/visitor who publishes content declares and unreservedly accepts that: Has the right to submit and publish on the website content, which does not include or does not infringe registered trademarks, logos or copyrighted material of any natural or legal person. Website and APOLLON HOTEL are exempted from any costs of royalties, fees and any other debt to anyone, due to the publication on the website contents submitted. Every person "photographed" in the content has consented to its portrayal. Has all the necessary permissions to use any rights contained in the content it submits.

Users / visitors are solely responsible for the content they submit or distribute through the website in any way. In no event can APOLLON HOTEL be held liable for damages or losses of any kind (eg direct, indirect, incidental, ancillary, civil or criminal) resulting from the actions of the users of the website If a user/visitor wishes to withdraw content they have submitted, they must inform the APOLLON HOTEL using the contact email address available on the website.

Content Use Rights submitted by users / visitors

The content submitted and published by users on the website remains the property of users and at the same time grant the APOLLON HOTEL the right to unlimited, free of charge license for use, distribution, reproduction, modification, adaptation , public display and exploitation of the content at any time and in any way electronic or printed, which does not violate their moral right.

Modification of Terms of Use

APOLLON HOTEL reserves the right to modify at any time and when it deems necessary these Terms of Use and the content of the website, which will always be available on the website. The Terms of Use are always considered valid, as formulated by the most recent amendment. Users / visitors must always check for possible modifications and, if they continue to use the website, it will be presumed that they have accepted the modifications.

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